About Us

About Us

A visit to Optikid will immediately resolve and answer all medical issues, optically and aesthetically. However, it is our personal treatment we give towards each and every child, unseen before in the optics, which makes Optikid particularly unique.

Optikid was founded in 1995, focusing and investing into each child’s personal requests and needs. The stores are accordingly transformed into a children’s kingdom: the walls are filled with drawings, a variety of toys is given to play with and all furniture is children sized. All this is to create the warm and welcoming feeling for the child, promising a positive and professional attitude as each child is fitted his or hers personal glasses.

Optikid strives to give personal attention to every detail, as taking into consideration the short patience of a child and the psychological adjustment he goes through while adapting to the change of wearing glasses.

The large and modern collection Optikid provides, demonstrating both the top brands in the world and the largest collection in Israel, enables the child to own a pair of glasses in which he or she feel decorative and fashionable and even feel that the glasses are a source of pride.

Optikid recommends parents to host a “Glasses Party” as another way which completes the process of a positive adaptation for the child. The party creates a positive and legitimizing atmosphere, so that each child feels encouraged to wear his or her glasses.

In addition to the “Glasses Party”, Optikid provides advice for parents in helping their children cope to the new changes and challenges they and their children are undergoing.

Optikid provides to all health maintenance organizations a special offer of 600₪ discount.